We’re excited to partner with Chaos Labs, working closely on mechanism design, risk management, observability, and incentive design. For more on this partnership, see the blog from Chaos Labs here:

“They clearly have the experience and the backgrounds - but more than that, Omer, Ori, Shai and team are great people to work with. They’re on a mission to provide a safer and more secure operating environment for decentralized protocols, which is aligned with our focus on security, self-custody and transparency,” said Rabeel from Bluefin.

More About Chaos Labs:

  • Chaos was founded in 2021 by Omer Goldberg, who was previously a tech lead at Facebook and a three-time founder
  • Chaos is backed by Paypal, Lightspeed, Galaxy, Coinbase, Jump and other top-tier investors
  • The team has experience building and operating risk systems for dYdX, Aave, GMX, and other leading protocols