Our Vision & Strategy

Our vision is to push the limits of DeFi by making it faster, less expensive, more accessible and technologically robust than ever before. Our products exist to onboard millions of users to open finance in the next five years and empower everyone connected to the Internet with frictionless access to market.

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Audited and Verified

By leading Web 3.0 security firms

Protocol Security
Important Disclosures:

i) The platform is not available to residents of United States or Canada
ii) All assets on Firefly involve a degree of risk and may result in partial or total loss of your investment
iii) Sub-second settlement does not incorporate network latency or congestion

Firefly is a decentralized exchange powered by Substrate and Rollups, and designed to function as a fully decentralized public utility, owned and controlled by the community of token holders. Please view our terms of use and privacy policy before accessing the platform.