We’re excited to introduce CrypPro, a digital asset market maker, as a strategic partner on Bluefin. CrypPro has been a liquidity provider from the start and has been critical in helping Bluefin scale.

“CrypPro goes back to the very start when Anis and I would take long walks through Hyde Park as we worked on solving our early liquidity challenges. They’ve been key in our early liquidity, in revamping our infrastructure, and they still remain as one of our largest supporters - having increased size as we grow” said Rabeel from Bluefin

CrypPro’s team brings robust technology to improve market efficiency and help the exchange scale. Their focus on cutting-edge infrastructure and algorithmic trading strategies enables them to provide strong liquidity to Bluefin. Bluefin is closely aligned with the CrypPro team and we look forward to taking the next steps together.

“We at Cryppro take pride in providing innovative solutions and delivering value to our partners, from product design to market strategy and pricing. We are delighted to witness the substantial growth that Bluefin has experienced recently, and we remain committed to contributing to their continued success,” said Anis Akl from CrypPro

What is CrypPro?

  • Based in London, CrypPro was founded in 2018 by Anis Akl, former Head of Derivatives Trading at Credit Suisse
  • CrypPro leverages proprietary infrastructure and trading algorithms to continuously provide competitive bids and offers to over 50 exchanges worldwide.
  • The team brings 90+ years of experience in trading, risk management, algorithmic design, quantitative research and technology