We’re excited to welcome Selini Capital as a strategic partner and market maker on Bluefin. Selini will enable deeper liquidity on Bluefin and support our expansion to new markets.

Selini Capital is a prolific crypto market maker, systematic trading firm, and venture investor, empowering and participating in the cutting edge of decentralized finance. Its suite of liquidity partners include the largest centralized exchanges in crypto and some of the largest decentralized exchanges in the rapidly-expanding perpetual futures market.

"The Bluefin team has done a fantastic job creating a trading user experience that is silky smooth, and has impressed us with their steady and consistent focus on improving even further and thinking outside of the box " - Jordi Alexander, CIO of Selini Capital

More about Selini:

  • The firm was founded by Jordi Alexander in 2021, a former macro portfolio manager and high-frequency trader, with the vision of bringing sophistication, liquidity, and best practices from traditional finance into the rapidly evolving digital assets ecosystem
  • Selini has invested and partnered extensively across decentralized finance, from perpetual futures protocols to decentralized oracle networks
  • Its low-latency infrastructure and proprietary algorithms underpin its expansion to diverse markets and product offerings
  • Jordi is a prolific commentator in the blockchain ecosystem, co-hosting his own podcast and featuring on some of the most popular podcasts in the ecosystem