We’re excited to introduce Tokka Labs, a digital assets market maker, as a strategic partner to the Bluefin exchange. Tokka Labs’s experience as proprietary traders supporting other top protocols and networks enables them to provide exceptional liquidity and efficiency to Bluefin’s markets.

"The Bluefin team is laser focused on building a great trading experience and we are super excited about the innovations in Bluefin v2. Really glad to be working with Rabeel and his team and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership!" - Wee Howe Ang, CEO of Tokka Labs

More About Tokka:

  • Tokka Labs is a proprietary trading firm focused on quantitative trading for digital assets.
  • The team has been active in the decentralized space since early 2019.
  • They are focused on improving market efficiencies and liquidity by combining quantitative trading strategies, cutting edge technology and in-depth research.